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Fender Stratocaster

PLUS Deluxe

Customized : Body Warmoth licenced fender ( only body price by Warmoth is 900$ )

Made in USA

second hand guitar

Color: Brown

Production year: 2007

Pickup: Passive

Pickup configuration: HSS

N&M : Custom Shop '69 Strat® Pickups

Bridge: DiMarzio DP182 BK

Number of frets: 22 frets

Neck scale: Long

Weight: 3.38kg

Body material: mahagoni

Tremolo: Gotoh Wilkinson VS100N-HC Trem

Fingerboard material: rosewood

Neck Joint: Detachable (bolt -on)

Neck material: Maple

Serial number: Z6298424

Fender Stratocaster PLUS deluxe ( body warmoth licenced fender )

€1'800.00 Prix original
€1'490.00Prix promotionnel
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