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United color of Telecaster

Only one in the Word


sculpted and painted by 2 artists in Switzerland ( confidentiel name )

private custom shop

body mahogany

neck Fender Mexico

fender usa tuners

bridge fender

pick-ups : no name ? but with top traditional Telecaster sound

neck sn : mx22004536

its typical fender telecaster customization assembled by a professional luthier.

very easy to play with nice Telecaster sound.

Fench :

chef d'oeuvre sculpté et peint par 2 artistes, corps custom shop acajou, manche Mexico  et mécaniques fender usa son typique fender telecaster customisation assemblée par un luthier pro

Fender "United Color of Telecaster" Artist : Master Piece

€3'000.00 Prix original
€1'750.00Prix promotionnel
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