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with original sustainer

Demo guitar

Fernandes Ravelle Elite. Factory installed Sustainer kit - The patented FERNANDES SUSTAINER TM system generates a magnetic field causing the strings of the guitar to vibrate. Powered by a 9-Volt battery, the interaction of the bridge humbucking pickup, the Sustainer Circuit Board(C) and the neck Sustainer Driver pickup, projects magnetic pulses that continuously vibrate the strings of the guitar, the same way an amplifier would at extreme volumes, yet totally controlled! The result is infinite sustain and/or feedback using sparkly clean or loud distorted settings without the need for excessive volume or extra outboard gear ! Seymour Duncan AH-1 at the Bridge .This guitar plays and sounds fantastic, the sustainer is a great tool, especially when recording solos into an interface as it gives the feel of a loud amp without the loud or the amp !

Fernandes Ravelle with original activ sustainer

€1'490.00 Prix original
€890.00Prix promotionnel
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