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Gibson SG


Statuts Quo

Year 1993 vintage

color:  red cherry

SN: 92043478

Very collector


With engraved plate on the back of the guitar

With box of which there is a dismantled closure because no more code

With original signatures of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo on 18.08.2006. The signatures were made at Tufertschwill (open air) made during an interview by the journalist who sold it. A copy of the interview comes with guitar and owner's certificate. see photos

french :

avec signatures originales de Francis Rossi et Rick Parfitt du groupe Status Quo le 18.08.2006. Les signatures ont été faites au Tufertschwill (open air) faite lors d'une interview par le journaliste qui l'a vendue. Une copie de l'interview est livrée avec guitare et le certificat du propriétaire. voir photos


Gibson SG standard 1993 signature Status Quo

€3'000.00 Prix original
€2'600.00Prix promotionnel
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